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Hollywood "black List" Pushing Oscar-worthy Scripts To Spotlight - Cbs News

kim kardashian nationality Graham Moore wrote it. "We'd try to go around town and pitch it to people. We'd say, 'Hey we have this film about a gay, kim kardashian nose job English mathematician in the 1940s.' And you can imagine a lot of sort of Hollywood entities and organizations are not inclined to make movies about subject matters that are that difficult," Moore said. "But when you have that conversation again and you say 'Oh, and it was number one on The Black List,' it's, 'Oh, okay. I'll read it.'" Actor Benedict Cumberbatch had already read the script for "The Imitation Game" because it was on The Black List before he was approached to play the role of British code breaker Alan Turning. "Graham's script hooked me in from page one, really. The introduction to this character -- he's utterly unapologetic, no vanity about him," Cumberbatch said. "The edges are all there, the sort of slight eccentricities, but blog url also the humor, the heart, the sort of -- the thing that makes you lean in a little bit." Moore said everyone's goal is to find a great script that can be turned into a great movie.
Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/hollywood-black-list-pushing-oscar-worthy-scripts-to-spotlight/

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